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AltaVista gives you access to a Web index: 30 million pages found on 275,600 servers and four million articles from 14,000 Usenet news groups.



Claims to be the biggest and most accurate search engine, the Intelligent Concept Extraction (ICE) search engine has 50 million fully indexed URLs.



HotWired/Inktomi uses a high-performance indexer that processes the full text of your page. The indexer generates a short abstract for your page, and adds it to a proprietary database that remembers which documents contain which words.
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Infoseek has found over 80 million unique URLs and indexed the full text of over 50 million so far. More importantly, Infoseek's Ultra technology only indexes the URLs that are meaningful.



Ultraseek boosts the fastest, most comprehensive and accurate search engine on the Web. Compare for yourself.



Lycos, Inc., an Internet exploration company, was founded specifically to find, index and filter information on the Internet and World Wide Web. Besides its topic- or word-specific searching, Lycos now offers users the ability to search specifically for pictures and sounds available on the Web. In addition, the Lycos services include Point Reviews, critical assessments of Web sites; Lycos cataloged over 34 Million URL's

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Magellan is an online guide to the Internet that includes original editorial content, a directory of rated and reviewed Internet sites, a vast database of yet-to-be-reviewed sites, and a powerful search engine that helps you find what you're looking for with over 30,000 reviewed, rated, and indexed Web pages.




The Open Text Index is updated continuously with over 50,000 Web pages per day added or updated. Open Text, like a book's index. It's a way of finding the exact page on which a precise word or phrase appears. Lycos has about the same number of pages indexed as Open Text, but Open Text has more words - almost 10 billion - because every word of every page is included.

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web://411/ is the Web's leading URL directory. If you know the name of the site you're looking for, we can help you find it. Tens of thousands of entries make us one of the most comprehensive freeform directories on the Internet.

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WebCrawler assumes that you're most interested in results that contain all of the words you typed and gives them a higher relevance score so they appear at the top of the list. Check out section on Advanced Searching

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WWW Worm

"Best of The Web" for Navigational Aids in 1994. They say they are currently serving 3,000,000 URL's and visits of 2,000,000 folks/month.




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